Appeals Council Review

Upon receiving an unfavorable decision after an ALJ Hearing, applicants have the option to request a review from the Social Security Administration’s Appeals Council. This Council serves as the next level of review and comprises administrative law judges and other qualified personnel. Our experienced attorneys specialize in preparing and submitting meticulous requests for this review, emphasizing any errors or misunderstandings in the ALJ’s decision and presenting compelling arguments for appeal.

The Appeals Council Review primarily focuses on evaluating whether the ALJ applied the law correctly and whether substantial evidence supports the decision made during the hearing. Our legal team diligently assembles a comprehensive package that includes legal arguments, additional evidence, and any pertinent information that addresses the deficiencies in the ALJ’s decision. We craft detailed narratives, emphasizing the severity of the client’s disability and its impact on their ability to work.

The Appeals Council Review offers a crucial opportunity to address any errors or oversights made in the ALJ’s decision and present additional evidence to support the disability claim. Our law firm recognizes the significance of this phase and stands by our clients, providing unwavering support, and navigating the complexities of this review process. We remain dedicated to ensuring that our clients’ cases are thoroughly reviewed and fairly considered, advocating tirelessly to secure the rightful Social Security Disability benefits they deserve.

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